Socks and Cats

… Hux’s socks, Kylo Ren’s cats and Phasma’s appraising gaze. From under the helmet.


MITAKA: Hufflepuff!

HUX: Ravenclaw.

KYLO: Ssssslytherin…

PHASMA: House Phasma.


The flame, the blaze, the screams in the air

my body warms up in the fire

I am the armored arm of the orded

I am the kindling of the conflagration

Phasma art!

I’ve just got a great – and badass! – drawing of Phasma by @queenphasma at tumblr :>

Enjoy the gurl!


Some time ago I wrote these short articles. Enjoy! I plan to write more next week.


Hux: Given the choice, Captain, who would you save from certain death first, Kylo or me?

Phasma: Given the choice, I would first saved my own neck.

Phasma Commission

A BEAUTIFUL Phasma commission I’ve just got from immensely talented @anabimelo on tumblr! I proudly add her to my collection!


Desolated world. I was born there. It helped to shape me who I am. But the final choices were always mine.

Tempting Ideas

Hux: *looking at the amount of paperwork* Someone kill me please.

Phasma: Is this a request, order or the casual toying with the idea?



Her main credo. It was not an easy one. But for her meant everything.

When she managed to free herself from the trash compactor, she knew she has to clear her way back – and after her.

That was not easy. But who said her course ever was?


Clearing path from debris was her speciality. Leaving things behind was never an option.