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    HUX: Captain, how many blaster shots will you need, to kill me?

    PHASMA: None.

    HUX: You can’t be that good.

    PHASMA. I am not. I just don’t intend to kill you.

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    Poetry of the Broken

    HUX: W have been through so much, the stars grinning behind our eyes

    Dying on the borders of the universe, living the glory of the future

    We subdued the world, painting it red

    So why the heck I always feel like you want to stab me in the back?

    PHASMA: …?

    HUX: Now your’s turn to sing. Confess.

    PHASMA: *looking into his cup* I knew you drink caf with the alcohol, but it’s caf with high voltage spirit.

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    HUX: I was aknowledged that one of your troops decided to join the rebellion, Captain.

    PHASMA: He is not one of my troops.

    HUX: I most certainly know that he is.

    PHASMA: He is not a trooper. He is a traitor.

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    PHASMA: A real strength lays in people who know how to bend world to themselves. I knew that since I was a child. And used it well.