Category: goofs

Socks and Cats

… Hux’s socks, Kylo Ren’s cats and Phasma’s appraising gaze. From under the helmet.


MITAKA: Hufflepuff!

HUX: Ravenclaw.

KYLO: Ssssslytherin…

PHASMA: House Phasma.


Hux: Given the choice, Captain, who would you save from certain death first, Kylo or me?

Phasma: Given the choice, I would first saved my own neck.

Tempting Ideas

Hux: *looking at the amount of paperwork* Someone kill me please.

Phasma: Is this a request, order or the casual toying with the idea?

Small Incident

PHASMA*calm collected voice* I am going to shoot down everyone who mentions this small incident.

HUX: You mean being kicked in the head, almost dying in the trash compactor, facing a deadly inhabitants of some awful planet, falling off the platform to flames, being blew out into space… small indeed!

PHASMA: I ask for permission to shoot you down, General.

Practical Jokes

Hux: I sometimes even wonder if you are able to joke, Captain.

Phasma: I am capable of joking, General.

Hux: Tell a joke then, a good one *he crosses his arms*

Phasma: Two stormtroopers enter the canteen.

Hux: Go on.

Phasma: And shoot all who are there.

Hux: And…?

Phasma: This is the end of the joke.

Hux: *looking at her sternly* That proves the point, yes.

Shiny Neck

Finn: When your shiny neck was threatened, you squealed like a whoop hog. The evidence blew up with the base, but you and I know the truth. When I put a gun to your head, you shut down Starkiller’s shields.

Phasma: They don’t squeal.

Finn: What?

Phasma: Whoop hogs don’t squeal. Learn your biology.

Finn: Does it matter?? You squealed when I threatened you!

Phasma: This was not a squeal. Wash your ears.