Phasma in movies

Captain Phasma was the commander of the First Order troops who accompanies Kylo Ren on Jakku in his search for a map fragment showing the location of Luke Skywalker hiding from the world on an unknown planet. In the village, Kylo Ren kills a man called Lor San Tekka. After the death of the mayor, Phasma and her soldiers (including FN-2187) massacres the inhabitants. FN-2187, however, hesitates and refuses to kill, which Phasma points out.

During the Resistance attack on the Starkiller base, Phasma is captured by Finn (formerly FN-2187), Han Solo and Chewbacca, and on their orders, she deactivates the base’s defensive shield, allowing the resistance fighters to attack. Conversation between the heroes suggests that the captain was thrown into the garbage chute but freed before the base was destroyed.

When Phasma got out of the garbage chute, the first thing she did was go back to the control room and erased the record that she had turned the shield off. One of the First Order officers, Rivas, was witness to this. She started the chase, but the officer guessed that she wanted to kill him and fled the planet. Phasma followed, taking the pilot and BB droid with her moments before the planet collapsed.

Rivas landed on a small planet and was imprisoned by the natives. Phasma convinced them that she was a messenger from the stars who would give them the power to defeat the monsters who destroy their mines. The natives followed her to obvious slaughter, and Phasma made her way across the front line to the prison where Rivas was staying. She wanted him to confess to the deatification of the shields. When the officer refused, Phasma shot him. Then, she killed the pilot that came with and destroyed the droid so that there would be no traces of this incident.

When she returned to the fleet, she reported that Rivas had betrayed the First Order and deserted. General Hux greeted her and announced that they were starting an attack on the Resistance base.

During the infiltration of Supremacy by Finn, Rose, and hacker DJ, they were betrayed by him and handed over to Phasma. While they were being led to the execution, the flagship of the Resistance pierced the half of Supremacy , resulting in the deaths of most of the personnel.

When Finn and Rose wanted to escape, they were interrupted by Phasma and the stormtroopers. Suddenly, BB-8 showed up to take control of the AT-ST and shot the captain’s men. She called Finn a “system glitch,” and she fought him armed with the Z6 Baton saber. After a short fight, Finn destroyed her helmet and the captain was on the brink of falling into fire. After a while the ground she was standing on collapsed and Phasma was killed.


Phasma is extremely self-serving person, who firstly puts herself, and only after that her cause or allegiance. She is compassionless and perfectionist, demanding from her soldiers the highest performance. She won’t back off before treachery, if her goals will be fulfilled. An extremely skilled fighter, she uses her armor and talents to build an aura of danger and terror around herself.


In the films, Phasma is only known wearing chromium stormtrooper armor with a chromium helmet, which she never takes off. In the comics and book – as well as following her actress’ looks – we know that she has short blonde hair and icy blue eyes.