Stormtroopers are the First Order military infantry units and are the main antagonists in the sequel to the Star Wars trilogy, appearing for the first time in Star Wars: The Force Awakens followed by the sequel to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They are trained to be much more formidable than their predecessors, and they are extensively trained from childhood to be effective and loyal First Order soldiers.

After the collapse of the Galactic Empire, large parts of the imperial officers fled to the Unknown Regions. It was there that the First Order was established and it began to grow in strength quite quickly. He also began to build an army, a large part of which were Stormtroopers.

As a result, many treaties were violated, and the Supreme Order embarked on an extensive armaments program that eventually led to the establishment of the Military. A new and vast fleet of ships and armies was built, and with them a new generation of stormtroopers inspired by their original imperial counterparts. In an effort to create a new army, the children were taken from their parents at birth and raised to gain absolute loyalty to the First Order and underwent immediate military training to fight to restore the old empire. About thirty years after the Battle of Endor, the First Order has managed to create a strong and powerful army of stormtroopers with countless legions to fight for a new state. About 34 ABY, the First Order stormtroopers were under the control of the High Command and commanders such as General Hux and Kylo Ren and other field commanders and officers such as Captain Phasma.

It was around this time that the First Order came into conflict with the Resistance, an organization dedicated to stopping the First Order and protecting the New Republic, which had taken over the empire as the dominant government throughout the galaxy. The First Order also aimed to kill Luke Skywalker, the last surviving Jedi, along with destroying both the Resistance and the New Republic. To this end, the First Order went in search of a map leading to Skywalker, which caused Phasma to lead a small strike force to attack the village of Tuanal on the desert planet of Jakku, and the villagers were murdered. The battle resulted in the capture of the Commander of the Resistance, Dameron Poe, and made FN-2187 doubt the rightness of the fight as he was terrified by the actions of the First Order.

I am highly interested in the First Order Stormtroopers squad, not only because they are led by Phasma, but also consdering their devotion and almost fanatical following of the First Order ideology. It’s mostly Phasma’s contribution to form their spirits to follow her blindly into the battle and do not ask questions. She forms them from children into adulthood; they listem about the greatness of the cause, followed by the deadly training and discipline. They are children from whom childhood was taken away and the only order they know is the First Order and its teachings.